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As the Rector of Comillas Pontifical University, and on behalf of the entire university community, it is my pleasure to welcome all those who are interested in getting to know us through our website. I am sure you will find all the information you are looking for and that after this first encounter with Comillas, you will want to find out even more about us. Our website offers a wide range of information: our education model and history, our structure, our current range of courses, research projects, activities and services, and much more.

Comillas is a Catholic university that has been run for over a century by the Society of Jesus; a private institution that manages a number of universities throughout the world. Our university mission has always been based on a combination of the educational experience built up over our extensive history and constant evolution in response to social change. For us, being open to society is extremely important; under the trying circumstances in which we live, and now more than ever, good communication between universities and society is essential. This is why Comillas has always worked in ongoing and close collaboration with business-related, professional and social organizations.

I am proud to say that each and every program we offer is founded on: academic rigor, individual student support combined with comprehensive training and a heightened level of social awareness, excellent preparation for professional activity, internationalization and an idea of research based on innovation and social impact. We offer all this from a Christian Humanist perspective, with a passionate commitment to ongoing social development toward a fairer and more united global community. We are an institution with big dreams and solid values.


Thank you for your interest in our university.

Julio Luis Martínez, SJ
Rector of the Comillas Pontifical University