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About us

In 2011 Garrigues Abogados and the Faculty of Law at Comillas Pontifical University created the Garrigues Chair in Modernization of Corporate Law with the aim of promoting research on corporate law and analyzing the appropriate ways to update Spanish corporate legislation for legal and financial operators in a European and global context.

The following are currently Co-directors of the Chair:

  • Mónica Martín de Vidales (Partner at Garrigues Abogados y Asesores Tributarios SL)
  • Javier Ibáñez Jiménez (Professor in Law at Comillas Pontifical University)

The Academic Coordinator is Pablo Sanz Bayón (Assistant Professor at Comillas Pontifical University)


The Garrigues Chair in Modernization of Corporate Law aims to become a center of reference in Spain for public and private reflection and for research relating to the important sector of the legal system that is corporate law. It is an area that adapts to the fluctuating economic reality and one which has experienced a radical transformation over recent decades, not only due to European community standardization requirements, but also the constant evolution of markets, companies and commercial transactions. In terms of corporate law, our objective is to strengthen cutting-edge and reference research so that societal institutions and, in general, related associations can adapt more easily to the reality of business and corporate fabric, offering flexible, dynamic and efficient legal instruments that are also convergent or common in a European or global context. Without doubt, it can be said that the transition towards legal modernity in European companies derives from the great work of a legislator who created over a dozen directives, and many other Regulations, which have practically standardized the legal statute of companies in the European Economic Area, as well as their defining elements, in the whole European Union.

However, the legislator's never-ending work should be further improved by means of rigorous, systematic and innovative research. In this way, the Garrigues Chair in Modernization of Corporate Law ("the Chair") seeks answers to the main issues posed today by this live and core branch of the legal system, by means of the scientific and methodological assistance provided by contemplating corporate issues from multiple dimensions of knowledge.

The Chair would like to propose solutions, further measures and offer suggestions de iure condendo by means of peaceful introspection, discussion with the operators and research output, in the form of conferences, day-long seminars and specialist seminars on corporate and associate matters on the one hand, and on publications on the other, the results from which will be passed on to professional, university and scientific communities in due course to increase knowledge on the subject area but, above all, to benefit business owners and businesses as a whole.


In accordance with the provisions in article 3 of the Chair Regulations, approved by the Governing Board of this University on 26 September 2011, "The aims of the Chair, in general, include carrying out training, research, development and innovation activities of a scientific nature in the area of Corporate Law", and specifically:

  1. Study and reflection on the reality of the corporate and trade situation both in Spain, the European Union and throughout the world, specifically contributing to progress, knowledge of other experiences and finding solutions to common problems.
  2. Finding a common point between the different branches of knowledge, as well as with other operators or agents that tackle and channel their activity, study, analysis and research regarding corporate and business reality, seeking convergence between scholars and legal analyses.
  3. Research which combines theoretical reflection between different systems with developing and disseminating alternative, practical and feasible proposals regarding corporate entities and structures.
  4. Circulating and disseminating the research designed and carried out by means of periodical, rigorous and prestigious publications.
  5. Contributing to jurist training on topics relating to the corporate law statute of companies and institutions, as well as other related legal or social institutions.