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Language Exchange

This page was created as a platform to provide a means for students to get in touch with and set up language exchanges with students from other countries. The only requirement for any student who wants to sign up for the Language Exchange is that he/she have an e-mail account open with the Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

To sign up for the Language Exchange (darse de 'Alta'), the student must carefully follow the instructions, providing the information requested by the program. Once she/he has registered, she/he can access the Language Exchange data base and look for students who are interested in participating in a Language Exchange. The search can be done using any language combination, which generally represents the student's native language and the language he/she wants to practice (e.g. inglés - español). The search can be limited even more to look for Language Exchange participants according to Faculty or School, age, sex or the semester(s) they will be studying at the University. The Search will produce a list of names corresponding to the search criteria selected. When you click on any of the names on the list, an e-mail window with the person's e-mail address will appear. This will allow you to write a message and establish an initial contact. You may write to as many people as you wish.

You can eliminate your data from the program at any time, selecting the 'Baja' feature.

Access to the system

To guarantee the privacy and exclusivity of this service, access to the system is subject to user identification:

For students, their username corresponds to their student number.

Access via Internet Explorer.

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