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The Library Service is an operational which acquires, organizes, processes, and cares for all of the University's bibliographic and documentary collection and makes it available to users, regardless of their format, where they are stored, and which budget item they were charged to when acquired, except for documents belonging to the University's General Archive.

The basic purpose of the University Library is to ensure that there is a broad bibliographic and documentary base to allow Comillas Pontifical University to fulfill its teaching, study, and research aims.


To be a modern, agreeable, and accessible space, to be user oriented, to be an information reference point for the management and transmission of knowledge, where new technologies are accessible to everyone.

It must provide services that effectively support the University's mission and must be evaluated by its level of integration in the learning, teaching, and research processes of the institution to which it belongs.


  • Technological innovation in its resources to guarantee continuous improvement to its services and satisfy its clients' needs
  • Guaranteeing users' rights to information and access to all available resources for all of the university community
  • Defending the rights and duties set out in the Law on Intellectual Property, in particular those that ensure protection of copyright
  • Continuous training of library staff to enable their personal and professional development
  • A commitment to participate in cooperation and innovation projects with other areas or services of the University that achieve the institution's aims, thereby encouraging participatory working and team work
  • Participation in institutional and social projects