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Official undergraduates and postgraduates (RD 1393/2007-RD 861/2010).

Students admitted to Comillas Pontifical University can request the recognition of credits awarded by this or another university.

Credit recognition is understood as acceptance by our or another university of all the credits obtained in formal education which are recorded by every university in order to be awarded an official degree.

The request for recognition must be submitted once when the candidate first enrolls as a student at the university. It must contain all the prior official courses or studies completed for which recognition is sought, regardless of the subject or field of study they fall under.


To do so, students are required to submit the following documentation to the Degree Certificates and Transcripts Service (General Registry):

  • Duly completed and signed form (Download request form).
  • Original or certified copy of the academic certificate in full.
  • Copy of the course curriculum or descriptors, or reference to publication in the BOE (Official Spanish State Gazette).
  • Academic programs of the subjects, bearing the stamp of the university where the courses or modules were taken.
  • Student's proof of identity

In order to resolve all the queries concerning recognition options, it is advisable to contact the Head of Studies, Master’s Course Director or PhD Program Coordinator, before completing the request for credit recognition.

Related regulations:

  • Article 91 of the General Regulations, September 2014.