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Students who have completed their official studies but had not requested such beforehand can request the degree certificate and the European Diploma Supplement (DS) (*). To do so, students are required to submit the following documentation to the Degree Certificates and Transcripts Service (General Registry):

Alternatively, you can send us all the documentation, if preferred, by:

  • Certified mail. Comillas Pontifical University. Servicio de Gestión Académica y Títulos. C/Alberto Aguilera, 23. 28015 MADRID.
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Collection or delivery.

If you make the request directly at the General Registry, you will be given the "Proof of payment of degree certificate issuance fees", which, for legal purposes, has the same validity as the degree certificate itself. Therefore, please handle it with care. The request, whether sent by certified mail or email, will be checked upon receipt, following which the "Proof of payment of degree certificate issuance fees" will be sent to the address specified in the request.

You will be notified when your degree certificate or European Diploma Supplement (DS) is issued.

Official degree certificates, once issued, must be collected by the requesting party in person. If the degree certificate cannot be collected by the requesting party in person, they may authorize somebody else, by power of attorney, to collect it on their behalf.

However, the requesting party may also send a written request to have the degree certificate sent, having paid the relevant issuance fees, to the government delegation or sub-delegation, higher education inspection department or consular office nearest to their current place of residence so that they may collect it from there.

(*) To request the DS, the degree certificate must have been requested previously or simultaneously (exclusively applicable to Bachelor's Degree, Engineering, Diploma and Technical Engineering Degree holders from 2003-2004, inclusive).

Current fees for the 2019/2020 academic year

  • Doctorate Degree1: 234,15 €
  • Official Master’s Degree2: 187,15 €
  • Licentiate or Advanced Engineering Degree: 158,61 €
  • Bachelor’s Degree3: 165,20 €
  • Diploma or Technical Engineering Degree: 79,67 €
  • European Diploma Supplement for Bachelor's Degree, Higher Engineering Degree, Diploma or Technical Engineering Degree holders4: 83,50 €
  • Duplicate certificates: €35,39 (The degree certificate must have been issued).

1, 2 and 3. Graduates in the academic year 2016/17 or later from Degree, Master's, Baccalaureatus, Licentiatus and Doctorate Programmes (regulated by Royal Decree 99/2011) are exempt from the payment of the issuance fees of the official university diploma. This will not be applied to those students of the associated centers (CESAG and INEA), nor to students of In Company programmes. These students will be subject to the regulations of the corresponding agreement or, otherwise, will be charged the corresponding rate.

4. Degree and Master's degree graduates in academic year 2014/15 or later, are exempt from paying the first time the European Diploma Supplement is issued.