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Red isla

The purpose of Red Isla is to create an area for members of the university community to exchange employment services. It is an area where care, training and support services for children and elderly people can be offered and requested. It ultimately aims to meet the everyday needs that we could all have in our daily lives.

What does it entail?

Channeling the supply and demand of employment services among students and staff in activities relating to caring, training and supporting children and elderly people.

Suggested services:


  • Private classes
  • Language support (English, French, German, etc.)
  • Looking after children (during the parents' working hours).
  • Babysitting service (at weekends).
  • Music for beginners.

Elderly people

  • Support at home
  • Support at health centers

Academic support for students

  • Support in technical subjects (mathematics, physics, technical drawing, etc.)
  • Language support (English, French, German, etc.).

Academic support for students with disabilities

  • Organization and management of notes
  • Study methods
  • Time management
  • Resolving queries.

Conditions for providing services:

  • Whenever the student requests so, the exam and holiday schedule and/or public holidays established for the academic year shall be observed.
  • Always remember that the services are provided by a University student and not a full-time professional.
  • The activities carried out by the students shall adhere to the services supplied and demanded in the Social Work Unit.
  • Both the student providing the service and the staff requesting it are ultimately responsible for the mutually agreed conditions established.