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Tirant Digital Library 

TIRANT virtual library is a digital platform from which you can access all books published by the TIRANT LO BLANCH publisher in electronic format with the highest quality display. It is a e-library in continuous updating, an innovative and exclusive product that gathers the best works of Legal Science and Law, as well as other specialized channels in Humanities and Social Sciences. Search systems for titles, authors, collections, diverse and complete subjects that are enjoyed in a comfortable and pleasant electronic display.

Also accessible from Tirant Online Premium.


Dykinson Law Firm publishes free Ebook series.

eBook Nursing Collection

Designed for use in hospitals, medical institutions, and academic institutions with nursing or related health programs, this subscription collection features more than 600 hand-selected quality e-books that focus on the needs of nursing professionals, including clinical guides , evidence-based practice. manuals, how-to manuals and professional growth titles.

Elsevier e-Library

Elsevier e-Library is an online platform designed to facilitate the access and use of medical and health science textbooks.

Encyclopedia of Private International Law 

With a world-class editor team, 500 content items and authorship from almost 200 of the world’s foremost scholars, the Encyclopedia of Private International Law is the definitive reference work in the field. 57 different countries are represented by authors who shed light on the current state of Private International Law around the globe, providing unique insights into the discipline and how it is affected by globalization and increased regional integration. The Encyclopedia consists of three inter-linked pillars, enhanced by sophisticated search and cross-linking functionality. The first pillar consists of A-Z coverage of the scope and substance of Private International Law in the form of 247 entries. The second pillar comprises detailed overviews of the Private International Law regimes of 80 countries. The third pillar presents valuable, and often unique, English language translations of the national codifications and Private International Law provisions of those countries. This invaluable combination represents a powerful research tool and an indispensable reference resource.

Encyclopedia of Social Work

Collaboration between the National Association of Social Workers (NASW Press) and Oxford University Press (OUP). Building off the classic reference work, a valuable tool for social workers for over 85 years, the online resource of the same name offers the reliability of print with the accessibility of a digital platform. ESW offers hundreds of overview articles on a range of key topics in social work study as well as concise biographies of influential figures in social work history. In addition, supplementary resources and information are available through links to provide users with context and further opportunities in their research journey. Offers students, scholars, and practitioners a trusted foundation for a lifetime of work and research, with new articles and revisions to existing articles added regularly.


Digital platform of the DAE publishing house (Grupo Paradigma) that facilitates access to electronic books, atlases, videos and online magazines in the field of Nursing.


The Eureka platform allows access to electronic books (more than 500) of Editorial Médica Panamericana, incorporating new features published throughout the year. It offers users of Medicine and Health Sciences the most updated content, in electronic format, in Spanish. This platform is equipped with a powerful search engine that allows full-text and cross-referenced queries, with unlimited access and from any type of device. To use the customization options (bookmarks, underline, ...) users are required to be registered on the platform.

It also offers access to the DTM / Dictionary of Medical Terms of the Royal National Academy of Medicine.

Publisher of the Ministry of Education

The publisher of the Ministry of Education has a catalog with more than 8200 publications, of which about 6000 can be downloaded free of charge in various formats.

IEEE - e-Books

IEEE, the world's largest technical professional organization, partners with Wiley to bring you high-quality books and reference works in electrical and computer engineering. Written by leading experts, Wiley-IEEE Press's books are authoritative and cutting-edge, covering topics in demand in these important research areas.

Internet Archive - National Emergency Library

The Internet Archive makes its huge digital library available to everyone with over 1.4 million e-books. Access, consultation and loan is free for all people through the so-called National Emergency Library. The collection of 1.4 million digitized books focuses on materials published during the 20th century, and where the vast majority do not have their commercial version in electronic books. This is why this National Emergency Library offers digital access to digitized books that are not available in any other way while schools and libraries are closed. The vast majority of books are in English, but there is an important collection of books in Spanish. To access the vast collection of books, you must register for free giving only the email and the name.

In addition to the National Emergency Library, 2.5 million public domain books are freely accessible from the Internet Archive.

Thomson Reuters Proview

THOMSON REUTERS PROVIEW is the Thomson Reuters Application for the consultation of electronic books with which you will be able to have all the monographs, codes and other works of the Editorials Aranzadi, Cívitas and Lexnova; as well as the 24 specialized magazines of the three publishers.


How to access.


Unebook.pro is the platform for the distribution and distribution of digital publication content by 70 institutions and associations of the Union of Publishing Universities (UNE). Likewise, a Unebook of digital content loads for the Colombian, Argentine and Mexican publishing schools, as well as the numerous academic and public and Spanish publishing labels.

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